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Oct 9-12, 2024

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa’s Future

Energy is always an important aspect of every expanding economy. This is an important consideration in the business environment for African enterprises and startups. The availability of inexpensive and dependable energy sources could encourage investment in African businesses.

Solar energy and business

Sunshine is Africa’s most widely used renewable energy source, because of its abundance throughout the year. Most businesses have chosen to invest in solar energy as their primary source of power, lowering their operating costs. Many businesses have seen a significant improvement in their long-term business continuity. Agribusiness has also benefited from this since they are setting up farms in arid places utilizing solar-powered wells.

Wind energy

Countries that understand wind patterns have built wind farms to supplement their national grids. Kenya, South Africa, and Ethiopia are among the countries making significant investments in wind farms. This energy is intended to reduce the overreliance on hydropower and the cost of electricity.

Powering vast regions

Large-scale energy producers prioritize the construction of wind farms capable of supplying a large area with electricity. These businesses frequently collaborate with governments to finance projects. ACWA Power, Scatec Solar, Lekela Power, and ENEL Green Power are among the top players in this space.

Lighting up remote areas

While large-scale projects are necessary for national grids, a sizable amount of Africa’s population lives in distant areas without access to the national grid. Off-grid and mini-grid suppliers cater to these areas by establishing self-sufficient solar power systems. Companies such as ENGIE Energy Access and Azuri Technologies specialize in designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems, battery storage solutions, and mini-grids to deliver clean and reliable power to isolated homes and businesses.

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