Sarit Center, Nairobi
Oct 9-12, 2024

Anticipations For Upcoming Year of Return Africa Event

The Year of Return Africa initiative was launched with the express goal of empowering young entrepreneurship. Its sole purpose is to lead the  new-age business owners to the doorway of financial independence.

African youngsters are starting to realize that solely depending on traditional job opportunities no longer serves them. As a result, a fresh generation of entrepreneurs has surfaced. A breed that bravely faces everyday obstacles and isn’t scared to venture beyond their comfort zone. This new generation of young businesspeople won’t give up until their goals are achieved.


African youths working in a tech world. Picture source:

What is the the Year of Return Africa (YORA)?

Back in 2019, the President of Ghana launched the Year of Return Africa campaign. The plan was to extend an invitation to the African diaspora. Through this, he hoped to engage Africans living abroad in healing and investing in their homeland. YORA Kenya 2024 will be a two-day conference taking place on October 10–11, 2024. Tickets can be bought on the Year of Return Africa official website.

What to expect

Aspiring young entrepreneurs are promised a life-altering experience. They will have access to display spaces, conferences organized by Year of Return Africa 2024, and networking opportunities with industry titans.

Nurturing God-Given Gifts and Skills

The tech-savvy youngsters of today are discovering that there are numerous ways to generate income. All you need is the right attitude and mindset to locate them. Because of the popularity of social media platforms like TikTok, young entrepreneurs are generating enormous profits from content creation and promotion. Year of Return Africa (YORA) recognizes the potential in the entertainment business and strives to foster partnerships between prominent industry leaders and young entrepreneurs seeking mentorship to cultivate new talent.


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Empowering business startups

The availability of capital and support is the main challenge affecting the growth of young entrepreneurs in Africa. Year of Return Africa (YORA) wants to close the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. Imagine attending a function where you can present your talents and body of work while simultaneously having the opportunity to win money for your company. How amazing would that be? The objective of this two-day event is to empower one million young entrepreneurs by creating the infrastructure needed for 10,000 MSMEs to thrive.

You can access the following with the YORA Pass:


Enjoy the freedom to walk around the Lion’s Den. Here is the exhibit space where major participants showcase their capabilities. Prepare to see some of the best inventions ever created in Africa. Here is where African entrepreneurship’s strength and pride shine through.


You can attend keynote lectures and explore the newest concepts and advancements in the business world by joining  the Year of Return Africa’s (YORA) Elephant Wisdom Circle. Here, you will learn the dos and don’ts in your specific area.


Achieve greater heights at YORA’s Giraffe’s Lounge. This is the center of all the magic. Make the most out of it. Introduce yourself to powerful figures in your field. Increase your network and embark on your journey to success.

Adjacent Events

Participate in a range of side activities and special events during YORA. If you seek solace in nature, Nairobi’s natural spaces may be able to assist you in de-stressing. Savor the nice breezes and trips through Kereita Forest. Better yet, take a safari in Nairobi National Park to see the splendor of Kenya’s fauna.


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