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Oct 9-12, 2024

The Companies Aiding Sports in Africa

Africa’s sports sector is renowned for its prowess. There is a thriving industry of startups and companies operating behind the scenes of all this success. These startups foster the development of these skills. Football, rugby, volleyball, and basketball are the most popular sports in Africa. Investors have fully utilized these opportunities.

There are quite a few organizations operating in Kenya, most of them private. These companies are under close supervision from the Ministry of Sports since sports is considered a key contributor to the Kenyan economy. They include;


Throughout the world, Nike is a well-known brand. This global sports giant plays a major role in the continent’s sports sector. In addition to providing players with gear, Nike Africa has spearheaded the expansion of African community sports. To develop African talent, the organization has organized tournaments in recent years. Through these tournaments, many athletes have secured sponsorship deals and gained exposure to elite clubs across the globe.


Supersport is a well-known company throughout Africa. The company plays a significant role in broadcasting live sports in most African countries. The sports channel takes pride in having rights to most of the world’s biggest tournaments. Although it is in South Africa, it has helped sports flourish globally. Supersport has staged regional competitions that have showcased young potential to international scouts. Through their sponsorships and network coverage, they have been able to promote African sports while also attracting essential growth and investment.


The Kenyan betting company actively contributes to the expansion of the Kenyan sports industry. Founded in 2014, its influence in the gambling industry grew to the point that it was once the primary sponsor of the majority of the country’s top clubs in every sport. In addition, the firm has invested so much in sports development and tournaments. This has had a significant impact on talent acquisition and the overall development of Kenyan sports.

Enda Sportswear. Image courtesy

Due to the shortage of sports companies in Kenya, a few brave entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to establish companies. Although the number of Kenyan sports companies is small, several of them are thriving and growing steadily. Some of them include Enda and Eksab, among others.

Even though the African sports industry is not as renowned as it should be, there is huge potential. With more investors trickling in, a lot can be expected in the future.

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