Sarit Center, Nairobi
Oct 9-12, 2024


Africa Unicorn Summit: Launching Africa’s Future Entrepreneurs

Africa is buzzing with young innovators and hustlers! From tech wizards solving real-world problems to fashionistas redefining African style, young African entrepreneurs are changing the game. But the road to success isn’t always smooth. That’s where the Africa Unicorn Summit steps in – a game changer for the next generation of African entrepreneurs. Funding the Future Need cash to bring your dream business to life? The Africa Unicorn Summit connects you with the moneymakers! This means: More Than Just Money: Building Your Skillset Having a great idea is awesome, but you also need the skills to make it happen. The Africa Unicorn Summit equips you with the knowledge to become a business whiz: Building Your Dream Team: It’s All About Connections Building a strong network is key to success, but for young African entrepreneurs, it can be tough. The Africa Unicorn Summit bridges the gap: The Legacy Continues: Beyond the Summit The Africa Unicorn Summit’s impact goes beyond the event itself. Here’s how they keep the momentum going: Join the Movement: Be the Change! The Africa Unicorn Summit is more than just an event; it’s a movement empowering the next generation of African entrepreneurs! Here’s how you can be part of it: By working together, we can build a thriving ecosystem that launches young African entrepreneurs to new heights. Let’s turn Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit into a powerful force for positive change across the continent. The future is bright, and it’s built in Africa!

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