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Oct 9-12, 2024

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Why Africa is the World’s Fastest Growing Gaming Market

The African gaming sector will have 400 million players and a market value of $4 billion by 2027. This is over a 45% increase over the current market, making it the fastest-growing gaming business. This can be attributed to inexpensive mobile phones and internet availability. Here are the factors contributing to its success:

Crypto assets

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency in Africa has significantly impacted the growth of mobile gaming. The simplicity of employing digital assets for gaming features has boosted the number of players. Due to the low acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the African economy, African gamers leverage their assets to make in-game transactions.

Trading digital game assets has grown fairly popular among African youth. According to research, 5.9 million African gamers own and actively trade gaming assets. With Africa anticipated to have the highest youth population in the world by 2050, gaming is expected to increase dramatically.

Mobile gamers 

The availability of low-cost cell phones has fueled the expansion of gaming in Africa. Mobile gamers account for the majority of African gaming players. The COVID-19 epidemic prompted a digitization of the continent, resulting in widespread access to mobile phones. The increase in mobile gamers is predicted to accelerate the expansion of the African gaming sector.

Cordel Robbin-Coker, CEO and Co-Founder of Carry1st stated, “Gaming in Africa is exploding. This applies not only to those who play games but also to those who are prepared to pay.”

Game Customization

Uzuki Africa, a start-up, is developing a gaming model that aims to promote a saving culture among gamers by utilizing blockchain technology. Customized features and characters in games have led to increased in-game purchases.

What the future holds

Africa, with its massive and diversified population, developing technical infrastructure, and appetite for interesting content, represents a vast and untapped gaming market with great potential. As the continent fosters the expansion of its gaming sector, it is poised to become a major player in the global gaming market.

Africa’s position as the world’s fastest-growing gaming market creates several chances for job development, entrepreneurship, and revenue generation across the continent. As infrastructure and connectivity improve, more Africans will be able to enjoy mind-blowing gaming experiences, opening the door for a future filled with growth and innovation.

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