Sarit Center, Nairobi
Oct 9-12, 2024


The Africa Unicorn Summit 2024

In the diversified world of innovation and entrepreneurship, a signal is sent out appealing to dreamers, doers, and visionaries. Today marks the start of an unprecedented journey: the Africa Unicorn Summit and the Year of Return Africa. It is more than just an event; it is a gathering of ideas, a celebration of innovation, and an invitation to reconnect to the origins of revolutionary activities.

Embracing the Future with Purpose

The vision for the Africa Unicorn Summit and the Year of Return Africa is founded on a desire to shape the African continent’s future of innovation. At the heart of this vision is the concept that Africa is not only a witness to global change but a driving force, a fertile environment for breakthrough ideas and projects.

Our objective is to create an environment in which the brightest minds, from bustling urban hubs to tranquil settings, come together to light a spark that will blaze the path to progress. This is more than just a current event; it demonstrates the potential of Africa’s innovation ecosystem.

Themes Guiding Our Journey

Innovation Beyond Borders:

The Africa Unicorn Summit envisions a world where borders disappear and collaboration knows no bounds. We want to foster an environment that stimulates the exchange of ideas, where varied perspectives come together to generate inventions with global significance.

Entrepreneurial Resurgence:

Entrepreneurship’s revival is central to our vision. We believe in individuals’ ability to determine their destinies via creativity and enterprise. The Year of Return Africa is more than simply a physical return to the continent; it is also a return to the origins of African business, resilience, and creativity.

Global Connectivity

In an increasingly interconnected world, the summit promotes the concept of global connectedness. We envisage a global network that connects companies, investors, and visionaries.

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The Journey Begins

As we uncover this vision, we welcome you to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an investor looking for new opportunities, or a seasoned professional with years of expertise, the Africa Unicorn Summit and Year of Return Africa invite you to be a part of something remarkable.

What to Expect:

  1. Inspirational Keynotes: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of industry leaders and visionaries who have carved paths of success.
  2. Startup Showcases: Witness the brilliance of startups shaping the future with innovative solutions.
  3. Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on sessions, fostering learning and collaboration.
  4. Global Networking: Connect with a diverse community of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders.
  5. Cultural Celebration: Experience the richness of African culture during the Year of Return Africa, celebrating heritage alongside innovation.

Join the Conversation

The adventure has only just begun, and your presence is crucial. Join the conversation, contribute your thoughts, and become a part of a community that is actively making change, rather than simply seeing it. The Africa Unicorn Summit and Year of Return Africa invite dreamers, builders, and disruptors to collaborate on creating a future where innovation knows no bounds.

Mark your calendars for October 10th-13th, Get your ticket HERE. The Africa Unicorn Summit and Year of Return Africa aim to be watershed moments on the path to a future marked by innovation, connectedness, and entrepreneurial resurrection.

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