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Oct 9-12, 2024

African women in tech

How the African Unicorn Summit Inspires and Empowers Women

Women hold up half the sky.” said Mao Zedong. Despite half the sky, women still have many obstacles and inequalities, and they still cannot fly higher and further. We should empower and celebrate them in not only International Women’s Month but also in our daily lives.

The African Unicorn Summit is a conference that celebrates and elevates women’s works in tech and entrepreneurship. AUS is an event gathering women entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa and beyond. They will talk about their achievements and share their vision with the next generation. I think it is a brilliant idea to get rid of stereotypes about the limitations related to both genders.

Remember, the AUS is more than a congregation to showcase the successes of start-ups and their ambitions. It is a motif of empowerment and a chapter in the history of innovation. A movement, where the dreams of today will become innovations tomorrow. The AUS unites women across fields and backgrounds to interact, partner, and learn. A star to the guide, the AUS promises a future where women don’t just subdue a passive role in the industry; they lead it.

What is AUS?

The AUS is not just a platform to celebrate startups and ambitions but also a narrative of empowerment and innovation. It is a movement where dreams of today become innovations of tomorrow. The AUS also focuses on barrier-breaking dialogue and concerted action.

Workshops, networking events, panel discussions, and keynote speakers serve as its facilitators. A variety of subjects, including finance, legislation, education, leadership, social constructs, mentoring, and advocacy, facilitate them.

The AUS demonstrates the diversity and power of women in tech and how they’re contributing to their communities and the continent. The summit profiles women who have developed innovative solutions in a wide range of industries, including financial technology, agriculture, education, health, and more. These women have demonstrated that the impossible is possible when women pursue and value their passion.

AUS awards

Moreover, the AUS acknowledges women’s achievements in tech and the extent to which women empower themselves and others. The summit is recognizing the most outstanding start-ups led by women in different categories:

  • Innovator of the Year: This award is presented to the best original and creative start-ups in tech.
  • Disruptor of the Year: This award is presented for the best “concept or founder that has turned an industry on its head, creating a new market or value proposition” in tech and entrepreneurship.
  • Social Impact: This award is presented to the best start-up that has made the most positive impact on society or the natural environment through tech and entrepreneurship
  • Investor of the Year: This award is presented for “the landmark investor or operator that has backed exceptional women founders” in tech and entrepreneurship
  • Rising Star: An award for the start-up with the most potential and growth in tech and entrepreneurship
  • Smart Agribiz– is a start-up that has used technology to solve agricultural problems in Africa as well as improve food security.
  • Media and Publicity: The start-up that has seen the most publicity and coverage in the media and the general public through the use of technology.
  • Unicorn in the Making– The tech start-up with the highest valuation or revenue that is on its way to becoming a unicorn in Africa.
  • Ecosystem Builder– The leading individual or organisation that has greatly played a part in either building or helping the African tech ecosystem.
  • Government support: this goes to the government that provide the most favourable condition and environment of the growth and innovation of the African tech industry.
  • University collaboration: this goes to the university that fostered the most partnership and collaboration with the African tech industry and academia.
  • Influencer: the award goes to the individual with the most influence and impact on the African tech community and society as a whole, through his/her online and offline presence.
  • Wellness Tech: The award goes to the start-up that used the technology to improve the health and overall well-being of the people in Africa.


The AUS is in full synergy with the theme and aspirations of the 2024 International Women’s Day: “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.” By investing in women entrepreneurs and innovators, the summit will serve to accelerate the momentum of gender equality and economic development in Africa and globally.

The AUS is a story of women’s accomplishments, a voice of empowerment and creation, and a call for action. It is a summit that every tech and entrepreneurial woman should experience and every potential female tech leader should anticipate.

If you are a woman in entrepreneurship/tech or aspiring to become one, you are welcome to join the AUS and create part of the magic. Visit our website to find out more and register HERE for the event. Don’t pass up this chance to network, educate yourself, and develop with other women in technology. By working together, we can empower one another and build a brighter future for everyone on the planet.

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