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Oct 9-12, 2024

Kenyan Esports Team

Esports: The Future Of African Sports

Kenya’s eSports community is growing rapidly. This growth has brought forth numerous employment opportunities for young gamers in Africa.

Kenya made a spectacular debut at the Istanbul, Turkey-hosted Global Esports Games held in 2022. Eight of Kenya’s top players competed against the best players in the world. This was no little accomplishment, but rather a great indicator of the enormous potential that gaming and electronic sports, or esports as they are more often known, have on the African continent.

Expanding the creative economy

Due to Kenya’s thriving esports industry, an increasing number of young people are succeeding in competitive gaming. Even though electronic sports aren’t as widely accepted as traditional sports, their popularity is growing as a result of a range of gaming models, original content production, and innovative collaborations with the creative economy.

The growth of gaming in Kenya has been facilitated by high-speed internet, affordable gaming equipment, and the opportunity to engage and compete with players around the world. In contrast to traditional gaming, eSports combine storytelling, art, and technology to create fun experiences; a valid explanation for their rapid rise in popularity. To succeed in video games, players must work together as a team, plan, and adapt to changing game environments. For this reason, es

Young Esports gamers

In international contests like the Fortnite World Cup, where Kenyan player K1nzell advanced to the finals in 2019, Kenyan gamers also began to gain prominence. Additionally, Kenyan artists, designers, and content creators who offer creative services like team logo design, video content creation, and merchandise development now have more job opportunities, all thanks to the rise of esports teams in the country.

Esports regarded as the fastest-growing sport

Kenyan gaming appears to have a very bright and promising future. There will be a greater need for regional content and homegrown talent as mobile gaming and the creator economy expand. Aspiring gamers, content producers, and game developers will now have more opportunities to showcase their abilities.

Esports tournament
Esports players playing video games. Picture source: Envato Elements

However, while esports is gaining popularity around the world, streaming platforms, broadcasting, and laws are missing. Esports is regarded as the fastest-growing sport, with the worldwide esports market expected to reach US$1.62 billion by 2024. And, while the local gaming community is small, it is slowly but steadily rising into a force that can sustain artists and content providers.

It’s also important to understand the possible health risks connected to prolonged gaming. Back discomfort, headaches, and eye strain are due to spending a lot of time sitting and staring at screens. Furthermore, bad posture during gaming can result in chronic musculoskeletal issues. A further concern is mental health because a gaming addiction can result in social disengagement and loneliness. To reduce these health concerns, gamers should take regular pauses, practice proper posture, and get physical exercise.

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